Treats for Our Sweets

Who said we were too old to go trick-or-treating!? 

The Freebilcious authors have lit their pumpkins and set the treats out on their doorsteps!
So grab your bag and get to walking!

First stop, Miss Kindergarten!

Free Monster Numbers

Here is an activity to practice number identification and sequencing. It's a monster theme which is especially fun for this time of year. Hop on over to my blog to download this freebie and an emergent reader:)


More Cupcake Fonts!

I'm really having too much fun with the iPad!
Making my own fonts is so cool!  Haha :)
I made a couple more that I want to share with you:

Cupcake Sugary is a fun font with a mix of little and big letters!  It's all lowercase, except for the letter "i," which is both.  Just shift and type "i" like you normally would for the capital.

Cupcake Glitzy is a fancy little font, and is great for titles!

If you want to DL these for your own use {freebies, commercial items}, then click {HERE}.
I just ask that you link back to my blog!! :) 

Sight Word Center

I’m getting my word work centers ready for next week and ran across this oldie but goodie that I made last year.  For my word work, I have some students working on the alphabet (because they do not know their letters) and other working on sight words. Put all of the materials you need into a baggy, cup, etc., have students choose a card, and practice writing the words. I have students read their words to a center partner before turning it in. Click the picture to take you to the download.

 I hope you can use this in your classroom. Have a great week!


Halloween is fast approaching and next stop: Thanksgiving! I love this time of year. I'm not super big on Halloween, but I love November! One of my favorite things to do is go to the pumpkin patch with my kiddos......yep the whole 6 pack :0)

What a wonderful time! Here is a cute emergent reader for your littles ones - it's filled with lots of beginner sight words and color words! - It's perfect for little tons of fun!!

Click HERE for your book!
(It prints making 2 books :0)

Please don't forget to make your way over to my blog too :0) I'd love to see you visit!

Transform Your Students into Dracula: A Photo Project

Do your students love to pretend they are someone else?
Well, how about transforming their very own picture into a favorite Halloween character, Dracula?  They will be shocked to see that, as the project is completed, they no longer look like themself!
Go grab all of the easy, step-by-step directions for this halloween photo project here.  Please be sure to send me pictures of your completed projects, too (I like to give free products to those who allow me to post their pictures of my products in use!).  Also, head over to my blog to check out what kinds of pre and post activities I do with this project.  Have fun!


Write Around the Room Freebie

If you are looking for a fun way to keep your young learners actively engaged while learning, hop on over to my blog to download a write around the room freebie! See you over there!

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Frankenstein Fact Families

Hi friends! It is is Katie King from Queen of the First Grade Jungle. I am here to share a fun Halloween Freebie with you!

We jumped into subtraction a few weeks ago...yes I know you think I am crazy! I am just trying to keep up with the program :)  Well, my kids did a fabulous job, but some of the language on the test (in regards to fact families) stumped them a little bit. I thought I would create little cards that we could use next week to review ways that they will hear questions about Fact Families. I mean come on...isn't Little Frank just adorable?!

Click on the picture to grab your freebie!

I hope you enjoy and will come visit me over at my own blog as well!

Fall Leaves Letter Match

My students love practicing their uppercase and lowercase letter matching using these fun trees! We started the year with this apple tree. I cut out each apple and my students have to cover the apples on the tree with the correct lowercase letter. It's a fun go-to file folder game when they finish an activity, or a great center rotation activity!

 Now that Fall is in full swing {kind's still 90 degrees here!}, we've moved on to our fall tree. Now my students match the lowercase leaves to the upper case leaves in the tree!

 I have another fun tree ready for winter time...can you guess what it is?!

You can pick up these freebies at my TpT store!

Day After Halloween Freebie!

Halloween should really be the last Saturday of October! The thought of having 25 5 and 6 year olds the day after Halloween is scary! I really don't need to explain... every teacher knows students are zombies the day after Halloween!

So... here is a fun freebie to keep that candy at home and maybe even get some donated to your class for incentives! (I am a sucker for free incentives and Halloween is the perfect time to stock up!)

Halloween Freebies Here!

My readers voted on new book finds I presented to them and
 I made a freebie pack based the winning book...

 I made a reading comprehension game with 36 questions, answer key, and 3 different writing prompts.

BUT... I got carried away and made another file on the book Creepy Carrots!
This freebie has 27 questions, answer key, and 3 different writing prompts.

You can get your FREEBIE download {here!}
Grab them and use them because these stories do not have to be just for Halloween!