100th Day Freebie

We'll be celebrating our 100th school day on Friday, 2/1. My students will be writing about what they think they'll look like when they are 100 years old. They'll be using this tree map and writing web. You can grab it for free, by clicking here! Enjoy!

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Valentine Game Board Freebie

Need a SWEET and easy way to practice sight words, addition, or any other skill your students are struggling with?  

Try this FUN game board.
click on the picture or {here} to grab this freebie game board.

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

Morning Wor k

Greetings friends! Go by my blog today and grab these two freebie worksheets to use for morning work. I hope you are having a great week. I can’t believe we are about to be in February! 

Free 100s Day Puzzle by 1s,2s,5s or 10s! You choose!

Grab this 100s day freebie to have your students practice their number ordering or skip counting AND create a 100 picture great to color!  Students love trying to guess what the puzzle will create after they put these puzzles together!  Swing on into MMMB to grab this freebie:

Groundhog Day!

Last year I made a little Groundhog Day freebie...
and I updated it tonight, just in time for the big day!
Hop on over to my blog to grab your copy!! :)

Super, Fun Twist on an Old 100th Day of School project!

I am changing things up for our family project for the 100th day of school this year and I know my kiddos are going to be ecstatic!  We will be putting 100 things on our superhero capes and getting to wear them for the 100th day of school.  Swing on in to Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business for more information, as well as a freebie which is the letter (below) that I am providing you to get you started on this project! 

Mystery Number Song!

We've been singing this fun little song during calendar to practice place value and two digit numbers! You could also sing it if you have a few extra minutes in your day, between lessons or during a transition period! Or you could be like me, and sing all the live long day ;) 

Come on over to my blog to download this fun little diddy! 

Happy Singing!

100th Day of School

Yesterday was our 100th Day of School.  It's always such a fun day for Kindergarten and 1st grade students.  We completed a lot of fun activities.  Here are some free writing pages for you to use if you have not had your 100th day yet.


Show Your Sensory Table Some Love With a Freebie.

Looking for something to keep your sensory table up and running.  Use the fun activity for your sensory table or just for a different word work activity for the upcoming holiday season.  Just click on the picture to get it and find other great ideas for jazzing up your own sand/sensory table.

See ya there!

Dr. Jean Fluency Cards- FREE!

Dr. Jean and I collaborated on a GREAT new freebie... fluency cards!
Click on the picture or {here} to grab these FREE cards!

  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

Bear Size Sorting

Hey there! It's been a really long time since I posted here, so before the ladies give me an eviction notice (just kidding they are way to wonderful to EVER do such a thing!) I decided I needed to get working on a freebie!

As I started brainstorming ideas for my newest unit, I also thought about some of the skills we are currently working on in my classroom.

One of those many skills I'm working on with my kiddos is size sorting. I thought offering you guys a freebie to go along with my new unit would be a great way to have you *hopefully* wait patiently for it! :)

I know many of you probably have the traditional plastic bear counters in your classroom, which these cards would be great to use with. But just incase you don't have those, you can also print out the various sized bears included in the activity to use for size sorting.

Click here to check out my blog post to see more details about what is included in the activity. It also is aligned with teaching strategies gold objectives as well.

Enjoy! And thanks for checking it out!

Mend a Broken Heart Fundraiser

I wanted to share about an amazing opportunity to help a 2nd grader at my school that is hospitalized awaiting a heart transplant.

Her name is Katelyn and she has been on the heart transplant list since the beginning of the school year, however, her condition has worsened and the doctors now feel that she must remain in the hospital until a new heart becomes available.  As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult on her family considering she is in Indianapolis at Riley Children's Hospital and the rest of her family (5 brothers) is at home in Terre Haute, about 1 1/2 hours away.  Her mother has been coming home on the weekends to visit her boys.
Anyways, I am doing my very best to raise money for this family.  I know how expensive all of this can get. {My brother-in-law received a heart transplant last year.}  So, here is where you can help and get 22 AMAZING products in return!
For a $25 donation, you will receive 22 Teachers Pay Teachers Products from many top sellers. {Over a $130 value}
Click on the picture below to see all the details.

For those of you that have already donated, I cannot thank you enough!!