Writing Strips Freebie!

Writing strips in the k-1 classroom! An engaging, effective, and independent word writing activity! Writing strips build strong writers! Best of all? They are FUN! Tara West from Little Minds at Work here!  I love to use these strips e.v.e.r.y. day in my classroom!  We use them back at the guided reading table and the students also use them as a choice during their literacy centers!  The kids eat these up and beg for new sets once they've mastered them! 
I also like to use the writing strips as a way to get the kids started back at the reading table before I make my way back. It usually takes me a minute or so to get all of the students settles into their daily five so I leave the strips back at my table.  The students are able to quickly get started on them without me there!

I've made a variety of skills for the strips, but here are a few; CVC, CVCe, blends, digraphs, vowel teams, and CVC/CVCE mixed strips!

I also created a freebie set of strips!  I used these strips at the beginning of the year as we were getting started!  You can grab these by clicking below! 

Have a great week!


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