Wonderful Idea >>> Wednesday!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check our Wonderful Wednesday ideas!  Hopefully you will grab a couple of wonderful ideas for your back to school time! Up first is...Tara West from Little Minds at Work!

Hi there!  Tara West here from Little Minds at Work and today I am sharing a wonderful idea for you.  My idea only requires one thing...and that is a GLUE GUN!  Yes, don't come between a teacher and her glue gun ;)

After spending all of my precious back to school prep time scraping last years tape off my whiteboard...I decided I needed a change!  That is when I start hot gluing...e.v.e.r.ything!  Do you see the whiteboard decorations below?  Yep.  they are all hot glued to the whiteboard.  I hot glued the border and the word wall cards too!

The best thing about hot gluing is that it leaves NO residue on the surface {unlike icky tape}.  Below you can see the back of the border where I placed the hot glue.  The trickiest part about hot gluing border is being FAST!  It's like a teacher gift we were given...the hot glue hustle...that's when you can quickly hot glue a piece of border and it apply it to the board
 before it dries ;)


Does the hot glue hold up?  Yes!  Below you can see one area of my whiteboard though where the piece fell off.  However, to the hot glue's favor...I did have a wall-hugger this past year.  You know when a student constantly rubs their bodies against your walls for no apparent reason other than to send you to the looneybin you see everything slip, slide, and fall to the floor.  Okay, that was totally off subject!  So, yes I will be replacing this section of the border, but the remaining pieces are still intact!

I also hot glue all of the labels onto my book bins!  These labels  go on so easily and come off just as easy when hot glued.  

Here is a closer look at the label and you can see that it stays snug up against the book box and doesn't stick out!

I also hot glued all of my library labels!  This picture is from this summer and I placed the labels on last summer.  I was so surprised how well they stayed and none popped off!  That is a teacher victory right there! ;)

Again, a closer look where you can see the labels snug against the book box!

I also hot glued all of my book box name cards!  They too, all stood the wear and tear of the kiddos all last year.  In the Spring I had the kiddos peel off their name cards!

Well, that is my wonderful idea... grab your hot glue gun and get it warmed up so you can go on a hot glue frenzy!  Of course...I should disclaim that I do laminate the labels first, but I do not laminate the it will work on and card stock material laminated or not! :)

And this is Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.
I have a simple but so amazing tip that I know you will love.
Use COLORED BAGGIES for organization.

 I found this box of colored baggies at Walmart.
It comes with 20 Yellow, 20 Green, 20 Red, and 20 Blue baggies in one box.
So I might have bought a lot of boxes...
as all good teachers should.

Here is how I organize my work stations using these baggies.
Here is a syllable sorting mat for two different students.
One student gets a green mat with a green baggie of pictures to sort.
Another student gets the same activity but with a blue mat and blue baggie.

 Here is another example of a word work center making words with the letter Xx.
There are 4 of the same activities, on different levels.
Each mat comes with its own colored baggie.

This makes work completion and clean up so easy!

But there are so many more ways to use these baggies.
Since finding these baggies,
I sort my activities for myself using them as well.

Here is an example of one of my plant units.
When I prepped each day's pocket chart sorting activity,
it only made sense to organize them into the colored baggies as well!

Just think about how much better it would be to pull out your plant unit for use 
if each day's activity was this organized and simple to find.
I know I have the exact correct pieces from year to year.

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  2. So the hot glue doesn't damage the whiteboard at all? I've always wondered if I could hot glue on the whiteboard. Thanks for the tip!

    Teaching in the Tropics

    1. Kristi- I have two different types of whiteboards up in my room and the hot glued pulled right off with no damage! You could always try a "test" to make sure :)


  3. So the hot glue doesn't damage the whiteboard at all? I've always wondered if I could hot glue on the whiteboard. Thanks for the tip!

    Teaching in the Tropics

  4. I had NO idea hot glue would stick and not damage the whiteboard! Wonderful Idea!!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  5. Oh wow! I think I'm might GLAM up my whiteboard with some bordette now that I know hot glue doesn't damage it! Thanks! Also, I LOVE the colored baggies as well. I hope Walmart has some this year......I need to make a stock pile! Thanks for the ideas! Linda's Learning Loot

  6. Do you have to laminate your borders prior to hot gluing them to the whiteboard? I put magnets on the back of mine but I hate that they fall off whenever I write or erase.

  7. Did you make your round letter labels for your sight word wall? If so, are they for sale?