Kindervention {a free week for YOU}

Hi there!  Tara West here from Little Minds at Work!  Today I'm here sharing with you a free week of my Kindervention program!  In kindergarten it's all about systematic instruction with it comes to teaching students how to build, write, and read words!  This program follows a rigid daily routine that helps students instantly build confidence in building, writing, and reading those words . . . as they will do each of those skills daily!  I use Kindervention during my whole group intervention time.  This is a grade level wide intervention program apart from guided reading and phonics.  However, if you did not have that time available in your day this program is versatile enough to fit into your guided reading groups or be used my support staff that might help in your classroom!

Below is a look at what comes with each week!

And here is a look at how the day to day routine plans out...

You can click the image below to head over to my blog to read more. For the freebie you'll want to scroll to the last sentence and you'll see the link there!


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