Summer Professional Development Opportunity

Hey all Tara West here!  I wanted to share with you a fun + exciting opportunity for professional development this summer!  I will be hosting six conferences throughout the summer!  I will have three in Kansas City, one in Charlotte, South Carolina and Irvine, California!  I'll be coast to coast and directly in the middle! Ha! :)

At my summer conferences will be discussing all curriculum areas: close reading {whole-group literacy}, guided reading, math, phonics, and everything in the middle!  I will be sharing detailed ideas and classroom videos as well! It will be a day filled with learning and collaboration!  Along with the conference I will also be hosting a meet up the night before and the evening of the conference!  We will have lots of time to meet, greet, and have an awesome time!  If you'd like to read more about the conferences available you can check them out HERE!

Have a great week - - it will be May in just a F-L-A-S-H!


  1. Are you coming to Charlotte,SC or NC?

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