FREE Centers!

Hey there!  Tara West here from Little Minds at Work!  I'm not sure about you.... but I am ALWAYS needing additional activities for my literacy and math centers!  Beyond needing activities... I also need to be able to quickly differentiate the centers for the varying levels of students in my classroom!  That's when I decided to create 'binders of centers.'  In each binder I can decide if it will be below, on, or above leveled.  I then select the practice sheets to meet that level.  I slide the practice sheets into page protectors and snap them into a binder!  Every couple weeks I am able to take out those sheets and swap them for more!

You can read more about my binder of centers and grab a FREE preview for the literacy and math centers by clicking on the image above or HERE!  The link will take you straight to the freebie download :)



  1. Great post. I've been vlogging on YouTube for a few years now and started by doing product reviews. I found that many software companies were very approachable when you wanted to ask if you could do product reviews. I even had companies give me product licenses when I had only a few followers.

    Over time I found that agencies started to pay interest and approach me about products. You just have to ask nicely and expect some rejection.

    In regards to other free products; I recently started posting links to many free samples and freebie items as many companies now offer these. So much so that I moved onto creating a site ( ) to add all these freebies.

    Thanks again for the article.