Pumpkin Counting Playdoh Mats!

Hello! Glad to find you here at Freebielicious again! (Although I'm sure you've never had the chance to leave with all of the AH-MAZING freebies that are being posted) Playdoh mats are another favorite of mine. Especially for my youngsters. You can use these at home with your own kiddos, in the classroom as a fun center, or to work on reinforcing basic skills for students who need some extra help! ;)

Playdoh counting mats are great for practicing number recognition, applying one to one correspondence, and strengthening hand muscles for fine motor skills. And you can download this set for FREE! (Duh, Erin, we knew that-- we're at Freebilicious!)

This set includes numbers 1-10. Using orange playdoh (or your favorite recipe for pumpkin pie playdoh) strengthen those fine motor muscles by rolling out small balls of playdoh to represent pumpkins. Identify the number in the sentence and apply one to one correspondence as your count out the correct number of pumpkins for the vine.

Click the image to download! :) Enjoy!


  1. ok you girls are outdoing yourselves!this blog is the best thing since sliced bread!all these great ideas for free!!!!bless your hearts!kiss your brain! thank you!thank you!thank you!i'm all about purchasing items on tpt but it's so nice to get some freebies ever now and then!love ya'll! leigh ann :)

  2. Thanks! I am going to grab it now!
    LOVE it!
    Sharing Kindergarten

  3. I love your blog! You are all so amazing a big thanks from me and 28 little kindergartners

  4. Love these! I am on leave this year from teaching Kg, but my 3 year old will have a blast with these!!!!