The Year After I Gave Up My Passion

What happens when you give up teaching what you love...
THEN you get it back?
Do your emotions change?
Does your heart shift and suddenly you learn you are NOT who you thought you were?

Or does something else occur?

This is my year AFTER I gave up my Passion.
This is the year I GET to go back to Kindergarten.

I can't wait for you to read about my first week back. 


First Day of School Pencil Buddy FREEBIE

Hi! It's Michelle from Apples and ABC's! On the first day of school, I love having a little treat on the students' desks.  Often times, they are nervous for the first day, so when they see the small gift they feel welcomed!  You can grab this Back to School Pencil Buddy in my TpT Store!

I found the neon pencils at Target!  They are much cuter that the standard yellow. ;)

Grab the free printable HERE!

Hey teacher peeps! I love keeping things FUN, yet simple and easily managed!

Pop over and see how I handle birthdays in my classroom.
... and grab this adorable FREEBIE while you're there!

How to dye beans for your sensory table

How to dye beans for your sensory table

Hello everyone! Kristen here from A Day In First Grade. This morning I was dying beans for my new group of kindergarteners and thought I would write a quick tutorial on how I dyed them. This sensory bin is all about COLOR and therefore I wanted them to be super vibrant.

To do this, I went the grocery store (I went to Whole Foods) and bought the beans in bulk. (It's cheaper this way-- plus Whole Foods has awesome bulk containers that I use over and over again!)

How to dye beans for your sensory table

I ended up buying:
3 containers of yellow lentils (because they were on sale)
2 containers of navy beans
2 containers of lima beans
and 2 containers of white kidney beans

I could have bought all the same beans but I wanted a variety in texture, size, and shape to encourage that conversation while the kids are playing.

To dye the beans you will need rubbing alcohol, ziplock baggies (freezer size),  baking trays, parchment paper, and some sort of dye. Personally I like to use liquid watercolor as it creates a super vibrant color but food coloring works too. If you are using food coloring, I have had the most success using the gel colors.
Making the beans took me about 30 minutes and when you use rubbing alcohol, they dry pretty quickly.

If you would like to see how to dye the beans, click here to head over to my blog!

Tutorial: How to dye beans for your sensory table

Tutorial: How to dye beans for your sensory table

Dollar Store Ideas

You will want to head to the dollar store AFTER you read this post.
Here are the items I purchased at the dollar store.
Now click to read HOW I used these items to make learning engaging fun. 

My favorite...
the hair curler HACK.


Why Do They Need All Those Supplies?

Yes. We NEED all those school supplies
And here is why!

Click here to read why and be sure to share this on your social media pages
so you can get the word out to the world.

Canada Day Freebie

Happy Canada Day to all my international friends.

Canada Day to Canadian's is our "official" start of summer.

What better way to start of the summer and the holiday, than with a freebie.

Make sure your little ones get a head start for Kindergarten or practice their skills heading into grade one by keeping the alphabet front and center in their mind.

Click on picture below to head on over to my blog to grab this fun freebie.

Father's Day Freebie

Are you ready for Father's Day?  If not, here's a quick and easy gift you can whip together in just a few minutes.

You will need a plain jar.  I picked up this one at the Dollar Store.

Print out the labels.  You can find them by clicking on the last picture in this post.

Glue the labels on the jar.

Fill with nuts.

And add a name or message.

Grab your free label by clicking on the link below.

Stop by my blog to check out other great resources.

Guided Reading Freebie!

The creators of Rhyme to Read and Miss Kindergarten are excited to announce that this highly effective reading program is now available in digital download format! 

Rhyme to Read is a great program designed to support beginning readers. This program emphasizes word family chunks which are color-coded to assist children in discriminating different word patterns. The only prerequisites are the recognition of letters and knowledge of letter-sound connections. Rhyme to Read enables children to feel confident as they enter the world of reading!
Rhyme to Read is comprised of 20 short vowel guided reading books that focus on specific word families and common sight words. It is a great, systematic way to teach beginning readers how to read using important chunks in words.

On the left-hand side of the book, students will pre-read the word family words that the will see in the story. The sight word they need to know is also highlighted in the top right corner so they can practice that as well. It is SO good for students to preview words before reading so that they are successful when reading the words in a sentence!

All the books come in both color and gray-scale so you can print what works for you! Here are 3 suggestions for how to assemble the books!

Are you interested in trying out Rhyme to Read? You're in luck!
You can try Book 1: Pat, the at family story for FREE by clicking on the image below!

Visit Miss Kindergarten's blog to see all the other activities included in the program!

New School or New Grade?

What questions do you need to ask to get started out when you are new to a grade or even a school?

Check out this article which will give you the Top 5 Questions to ask NOW.

Or if you will have a new to you teacher on your grade level,
get a glimpse into what you need to tell them to help them out. 
Click the picture above or (here) to head read more. 
I know you will be glad you did!