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Sunday, June 29, 2014

FREE Alphabet Sound Chart

Hi friends! I have another great freebie to share with you today. The Daily 5 book study has been filling my head with so many great ideas for how to jump-start instruction next year. As my students first attempt to record words during Work on Writing time, they often need a little extra support to help with letter sounds. This Alphabet Sound Chart is the perfect resource to help them along.

FREE Alphabet Chart

Every year, I give each student in the class a personal copy of the alphabet chart. The charts are all laminated and stored in the students' writing folders so they are always on-hand and ready whenever a child needs some extra support. What I love MOST about this particular alphabet chart is how well is coordinates with so many alphabet resources. The pictures on this chart are the EXACT same images that are used on the alphabet that hangs in my classroom. Children thrive on consistency and displaying the same pictures on the walls of my classroom AND on the alphabet chart will help my struggling students to make more connections and apply letter sound-knowledge faster and more effectively over time.

FREE Alphabet Chart

Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog to get your FREE Alphabet Sound Chart. While you're there, check out my coordinating alphabet resources that could help YOUR students master alphabet recognition and letter sounds in record time. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

FREE Tags for Parent Volunteer Thank You Gifts

Hello freebie fans!
Many of you are approaching your last few days/weeks of the school year. Are you scrambling to complete all of your last-minute projects? Have you had a chance to consider how you will say "thank you" to your classroom volunteers?

I'm helping you keep your classroom thank you's SIMPLE, EASY, and CHEAP with this "thanks a latte" gift tag label. 

FREE "thanks a latte" labels from Kinder-Craze

The FREE labels are formatted to print on Avery 5163 shipping labels. Mount them onto black cardstock, punch a hole in the label and tie to your favorite coffee-themed gift. 
FREE "thanks a latte" labels from Kinder-Craze

Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog to grab your free gift tag label!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

FREE Religious Emergent Readers for Easter

Hello Freebie friends! Tomorrow is the first day of Holy Week and I created two FREE Interactive Sight Word Readers to help Catholic and Christian students learn to read and spell the word "Jesus" during the most blessed week of the church calendar.

If you're not already familiar with my Interactive Sight Word Readers, let me tell you ALL about these great little book. Each six-page booklet uses repetitive text and sentence structures to help children grow in reading confidence. A featured sight word is missing from all pages in the book. Students cut out and unscramble the letters (included in the packet) and glue them onto each page of the book to complete the sentences. If you're short on time, letter stamps can also be used or children can simply write in the missing letters.

Two Versions for Catholic or Protestant Classrooms

Two separate books with a similar theme and the same clip art have been created to meet the needs of Catholic and Christian classroom teachers. Both versions are available for FREE on the Kinder-Craze blog. Stop by and grab the version that best suits your classroom needs. 

Wishing you a blessed Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

FREE Lenten Interactive Sight Word Reader

Catholic and Christian teachers: integrate language arts into your Religion instruction with this FREE Interactive Sight Word Reader, "Lent Reminds us of Jesus."

Each page of this booklet uses predictable sentences to name Lenten symbols. The fun twist of the book is that all pages are missing the word "of". Students complete the booklet by cutting out letters to correctly spell "of" and glue them into the book. It is a sweet way to foster faith development while also building reading skills. 

Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog to download your FREE copy of "Lent Reminds us of Jesus."

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Color By Number Leprechaun Freebie

Need a quick freebie for St. Patrick's Day? This Color By Number Leprechaun is the perfect way to quickly review color words with your students.

FREE color by number leprechaun from Kinder-Craze

The Color by Number Leprechaun is formatted into half-sheet coloring pages, to help you conserve paper (and I think that's why my students love these pages so much… they are short and sweet!) Make the activity last a bit longer. Add a dice and it becomes a roll and color page!

FREE color by number leprechaun from Kinder-Craze

Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog to grab your freebie!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lenten Good Deeds Coloring Chart

I have a fun freebie to share with my friends that teach in Catholic or Christian schools as well as homeschool parents. Ash Wednesday is on March 5 and my students celebrate the Leseason with Good Deeds. I spend a few days teaching the class about Good Deeds, then send a Good Deeds chart home with each student. Each time a child does kind things for a family member at home, he/she can color one space on the chart. Students will gradually begin to see their charts fill with bright colors as Easter draws near.

FREE lenten good deeds chart. Students color a space each time they do a good deed.
You can download a FREE coy of this Lenten Good Deeds chart. Just stop by the Kinder-Craze blog. While you're there, you'll find practical guidelines to help your students understand the difference between a Good Deed and a personal responsibility (such as making his or her own bed). 

FREE lenten good deeds chart. Children color a space each time they do a good deed.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Skip Count Hopscotch

My 100th Day of School was last week and my students had a blast celebrating their new knowledge of 100. One of their favorite activities of the day was playing HOPSCOTCH! This winter's arctic weather has left very few opportunities for my students to run around and get their energy out. I decided to take matters into my own hands and use their energy in a constructive way. The students hopped their way into skip counting by 10s up to 100. They had so much fun and I was happy to hear everyone skip count with success.
FREE skip count by 10 number set

I created the hopscotch board on the back of a Twister game mat. I used Scotch Expressions Masking Tape to create the grid, then added laminated skip counting numbers. The tape sticks well but also peels cleanly off. To prevent the mat from sliding on the carpet as my students hopped, I added a few small dots of velcro (the side that grabs) on the Twister-side of the mat. It worked like a charm. 
You can download a FREE Hop By Tens set of skip counting numbers to get started as you create a hopscotch mat for your own classroom. Just stop by the Kinder-Craze blog
FREE skip count by 10 number set
While you're there, be sure to pin lots of great ideas to help you celebrate the 100th Day in your classroom next year! 
FREE skip count by 10 number set


Sunday, January 26, 2014

FREE Stained Glass Mitten Template

Since the frigid winter cold doesn't appear to be going anywhere, I decided to bring some winter warmth into my kindergarten classroom with these adorable "stained glass" mitten window decorations. 
stained glass mitten decorations

These brightly colored mittens are the perfect FAST craft to complete at school. 
They're quick, easy, and no glue is required! 
stained glass mitten decorations

The complete collection looks stunning in my classroom windows. 
stained glass mittens in window

Want to know more about how to make these cute stained glass mittens? Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog for step-by-step directions and a FREE Mitten Template!
FREE stained glass mitten template

Stay warm out there!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Make Your Own Interactive Number Line

What is it about those numbers in the teens and twenties that makes them so hard for kindergarteners to recognize? Many students can master the numbers beyond 30 without issue, but put a flash card of "12" in front of a few of them and those same children are instantly confused. 

I created a fun interactive number line for numbers 1 thru 30 to help struggling students manipulate and discover those tricky numbers for themselves. Creating the number line was easy: I simply printed, laminated, and cut apart the pieces. Then I attached a magnet to the back of each piece and displayed them on my classroom whiteboard for students to mix up and put back in order. My students love visiting the number line and they learn so much about numbers while they interact. 
FREE interactive number line to help students master numbers up to 30
FREE interactive number line to help students master numbers up to 30
You can download an Interactive Number Line for your own classroom. Stop by the Kinder-Craze blog to grab your freebie and see a few more of my tricks for helping students master those very tricky numbers up to 30. 
FREE interactive number line to help students master numbers up to 30

Saturday, January 18, 2014

FREE Religious Emergent Reader about the 5 Senses

I have a fun freebie to share with my friends in Catholic and Christian schools. I just concluded a study in my classroom about our 5 senses and how we use those senses to discover God's world. I always try to integrate Religion topics across the curriculum and I have a great resource to share with you today. "God Gives Us Five Senses" is my newest Interactive Sight Word Reader. It provides students with an opportunity to read, learn to spell number word "five" and remember that everything we have is a gift from God.
FREE Religious emergent reader for teaching the five senses
FREE emergent reader for Religion class in kindergarten
FREE emergent reader for Religion class in kindergarten
FREE emergent reader for kindergarten religious education

Of course, the book also features images from fellow freebielicious author Nikki from Melonheadz Illustrating! My kindergarten students love the little people she portrays. 

Ready for your freebie? Just hop over to the Kinder-Craze blog to read a little more about why Interactive Sight Word Reader are so popular and grab this cute emergent reader for FREE!