Lenten Good Deeds Coloring Chart

I have a fun freebie to share with my friends that teach in Catholic or Christian schools as well as homeschool parents. Ash Wednesday is on March 5 and my students celebrate the Leseason with Good Deeds. I spend a few days teaching the class about Good Deeds, then send a Good Deeds chart home with each student. Each time a child does kind things for a family member at home, he/she can color one space on the chart. Students will gradually begin to see their charts fill with bright colors as Easter draws near.

FREE lenten good deeds chart. Students color a space each time they do a good deed.
You can download a FREE coy of this Lenten Good Deeds chart. Just stop by the Kinder-Craze blog. While you're there, you'll find practical guidelines to help your students understand the difference between a Good Deed and a personal responsibility (such as making his or her own bed). 

FREE lenten good deeds chart. Children color a space each time they do a good deed.

Have a blessed day!

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