Scavenger Hunt!

I have been working on word work centers for my students. I started with their favorite, and its name is SCAVENGER HUNT! They just love it and it keeps me on my toes too because I have to come up with clever places to put these words.  You can use scavenger hunts for letters, words, even numbers and shapes. Click the picture to take you to a freebie download of your own scavenger hunt. Did I mention that it is *editable*? Yes, you can type in your very own words!! I hope your students love this as much as mine!!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie. My class loves this task. We just call it write the room but every other week they do the center like this. One of my students has an assistant once a week. The assistant asked where they were because she couldnt find them all. :) But ask the kids, they love to find them (and mine don't have a lot of room to look). Its a task at which they perserve.