Elf on the Shelf Puzzle Freebie

Our elf, Binky, has arrived!  Swing on into Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business to find out all about her clandestine arrival at our school (thanks to our incredible custodian, Mr. W!).  Of course, now it is time to squeeze all the academics I can out of this FUN & MOTIVATING little elf.  First up?  (Well, after we tallied to decide on her name, wrote out lists of good things that the elf could "catch" us doing, and learned the word she).  We'll be doing one of my students favorite activities-- an elf sequencing puzzle.  You can do it with your students, too, even if you don't do the whole Elf on the Shelf activity.  This is quickly becoming an independent activity in my classroom because we have done so many of them and the greatest thing about these puzzles is that you can choose what your students will be sequencing.  This particular set orders 10 frames, counts 10 frames by 2s and also includes one for a simple sentence.  Of course, you could always up the ante by whiting out and creating your own sequencing activity for the elf puzzle.  Either way, enjoy!

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