Word Work: December Words

Hi all!! Happy Sunday!! I can't believe December is already here!! I think I am going to head out shortly and start my Christmas shopping! But before that, I had to let you know that my December Word Work Cards are posted!!



  1. I'm new to word work. What do the kids do with these? Just copy the words? Use them in sentences?

  2. I am like Nikki, I'm curious as to how the kids use these? This may be something I'd like to start. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Pam and Nikki, some ideas you can have your students do with these cards:

    * Students can spell words with magnetic letters
    * Students can spell words with pipe cleaners
    * Students can rainbow write words (always a favorite in my class)
    * Students can cut letters out of a magazine to spell words
    * Students can stamp words
    * Students can use bingo dabbers to spell words
    * Students can form letters with play dough to spell words (or cut them out of play dough with letter cookie cutters)

    If you have students that can put these words into sentences that would be wonderful. They can even use the words to write a story! It all depends on their level :)

    Kindergarten Smiles

  4. LOVE THESE! Thank you so much!! My kids love to use them during Daily 5 word work! Making magnetic words, playdough words, linking letters, white boards, ect!! Your amazing for making these free!

  5. It says I need a password to unlock it. I get that a lot from your products. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. The password is only there so the graphics are protected. It doesn't stop you from doing anything else :) I am not sure if you are having trouble saving it?? If so, here are steps you can do to save it (one of these always works): First, make sure it is opening in Adobe and not in preview. If it is opened in Adobe go to file, save AS, pdf, and save from there. If that doesn't work go to the 'finder' on your computer where all of your downloads are automatically stored, find the Word Work file, drag it to your desktop, and save from there!

  7. Yeah!! I've been waiting for this!! THANK YOU!

  8. Nikki, I have these in my writing center. In the beginning of the year, kids would rainbow write them. Now they get them during journal time and use them to copy themed words that are not on our word wall.

  9. Thank you so much! I got the freebie for the fall and am so excited to get the winter holiday selection!

  10. Just came across your Word Wall cards... can't wait to get them ready for my students! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I think of all the things I have bought and gotten free this year so far...this word bank has been my FAVORITE...I look forward to each new installment:)
    Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!