Back to School I Have/Who Has Game

The Freebielicious gang wants to send you off to 
Back to School with a FUN game!
Care to join us for a game of I Have/Who Has?

Here is how we are going to play, just in case you are new to this game.
We are going to start the game here.
You read the "I Have" clue
and try to guess which FREEBIELICIOUS author we are talking about.
Then you can click on the image to take you to their blog to see if you are right 
and to get the "Who Has" card to keep playing.

We want this game to easy and fun.
We want to share a few fun facts about ourselves with you.
And we will share with you a few items we make along the way...
which are all on sale for the BIG TeachersPayTeachers Back to School sale.
This sale runs August 3-4. Use the promo code BTS15
to get up to 28% off your purchases.

On your mark.
Get set.
 Who is this Freebielicous Author?
Click the image above or HERE to find out!


  1. There is no I Have, Who Has link on A Cupcake for the Teacher. STUCK! :-(

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