Festive Halloween Pokey Pin Boo!

Do you Pokey Pin in your classroom? It has been a lifesaver for my group this year.  I have never had so many fine motor issues as I do this year and, after doing it 2 times a week, I can already see many improvements, believe it or not.  It used to take them quite awhile (which actually isn't too bad of a thing at the beginning of the year because it is such a quiet activity!) to complete a word or number and a shape around it and now they are whipping them right out!  The stronger their hand muscles are, the quicker they can complete their activity, and the better their hand control will be.  It's a win, win, especially when the kiddos love Pokey Pinning as much as they do. 
We'll be taking a break from the typical letters, sight words, shapes and or numbers we typically do and have a little halloween fun.  (But, have no fear, it's not ALL in FUN...I just introduced the /oo/ chunk! Ha ha!).
I plan to have the ghosts stapled to black papers for them to create their designs to hang in our classroom windows...ooooo! :)
If you've been considering trying Pokey Pinning out in your classroom, now is the time.  Grab this freebie (and your push pins!) and see how much your students LOVE this activity.


  1. love Pokey Pin activities Krissy!! Thank you!!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  2. I bought the pins at beg of year. I'm super hesitant to start....I know I'll be thankful later :) Do you just have them do it on the carpeted floor or do they do on a special piece of rug?

  3. Thank you! My kiddos are enjoying the Pokey Pins!

  4. I have never heard of pokey pinning but I have several kids with fine motor issues. Thinking I may need to give this a try! Do they do it at their seats or on the carpet? Any suggestions for a first time pokey pinner?

  5. Pokey Pins are a huge hit in my kindergarten class. It is always the most popular center! Thanks for coming up with such a great idea!