Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

Take me out to the ball game!! I know that it should be TURKEY TIME, but I just had to make something with this adorable baseball set from my good friend Nikki (Melonheadz). 

I use SF Reading Street. So, this freebie contains all 40 words from that program (Kindergarten) You can grab your copy by clicking the picture below!! PLAY BALL! :-) 


  1. I tried clicking on the picture, but then it takes me to TPT and says the page doesn't exist.

  2. I just clicked on it and it didn't work. :(

  3. I can't get it to anything either- just TpT- page doesn't exist. :( I would LOVE a set if you could e-mail me!
    Thank you!

  4. Aha! Go to her blog and look at November in the Archives. Click on the baseball set and it takes you to TpT, but it works this time. :)