Christmas Writing Freebie

 If you need a few FREE and fun writing activities this week... I have a few to share.

Here is a Christmas Write Me Three activity with word walls provided. It has been a hit with my class.  Grab it {here.}
And here is a fun and easy template for little learners to write a letter to Santa. There are 4 different versions! Grab it {here} for free as well!
Here is what one of the sheets looks like.
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

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  1. We used the Write Me Three to write more detailed sentences putting action words in the boxes and details on the lines. They really enjoyed it. My kids have free breakfast so for breakfast work extension they write any sentence they want. They have been using the free word wall above because it has action words like decorate and ride. It was very helpful. Thanks.
    prlhrbr at yahoo dot com