Word Work: February Words

Over the summer I created these word work cards to add to both my word work center and my writing center. They have been such a blessing to have! The students absolutely love them!

At the beginning of the year my students would write a word and draw a picture to accompany the word. Then they moved on to writing lists (like below)...

Now they are using the cards to write simple sentences and stories! It is wonderful! The best part is...they never bother me during my reading group to ask me how to spell something :)
I just updated the pack to include the February words. So head on over to grab your copy! Enjoy!


  1. I would really like a copy of these but can't seem to figure out how to do it. Thanks!

  2. Debbie, click on the February words in this post. It will take you to my blog. Scroll down and click on the same picture again. Then, you will be able to download the whole packet :)

  3. Thanks Caitlin! I just got it printed off and it's just adorable. I teach ECSE and kindergarten title reading students. I'll be able to use it with both groups. You do wonderful work.

  4. Thanks so much!! I hope your students enjoy it!

  5. LOVE these! Perfect for my writing center! My preschoolers will enjoy these!


    Teaching Munchkins

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  7. My Kindergarteners & I love these. :) Thank you they make writing journals much less painful.

    Jen B

  8. I love these word work cards. I use them in my students' STAR binders so they can refer to them when they're writing at home.

    Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn in 1st Grade