Vista Print Hall Pass Freebie

Looking for some great hall passes?  Have a Vistaprint Groupon and not sure how to spend it?  Then we have the answer for you!

Luggage tag hall passes!  

They are thick, durable plastic that you can have them print virtually anything on!
(I made Christmas ornaments from them this year!)

I have used these for about 6 months now and I love them.  I taught my students to wear them around their upper arm (so they don't pee on them.)  You can also use the stretchy key rings that we normally use for keys!  They are small, lightweight, out of the way, and washable!  You will love them!

And we are giving away 2 sets of actual passes to two lucky readers!

Head on over to Simply Kinder and Kinder Alphabet to get your free images!


Happy Sunday Everyone!

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