Can you Dig a couple Dinosaur Freebies?

Everything's coming up Dinosaurs over at A Differentiated Kindergarten and to give you a jump start, I have a couple of freebies to help you out.

While I understand that not everyone has a sensory table in their classroom to dig for real and nonsense words, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little bone digger game.

This one is differentiated so you can offer just the right amount of challenge for all your students. 

Of course you can always laminate and stick the cards in a bit of sand to make it even more fun.  I actually painted a some dog bones for a bit more 'realistic' effect. 

There is also a fun write the room activity to get your students moving around.  Hand them a clipboard and pencil (or dry erase marker if you prefer to laminate these) and have them search for words starting with the each letter in these dino-licious words. 

You can get these and other dinosaur activities by stopping over to A Differentiated Kindergarten. 

See you there.

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