Back to School FREEBIE

 I just updated this freebie so that PreK and 1st grade teachers can use it as well.  All you do is have students color "their very, very best" on the first day of school and then again the last week of school.  It makes a great comparative assessment and the results are phenomenal.  Of course, the formation of their name changes TONS as well.  It provides a great visual for parents to see their child's growth in this area.  Swing on into MMMB to grab this FREEBIE!


  1. I used the earlier version of this in my kindergarten this past year. Each year I keep a portfolio of my kid's work in a scrapbook format. The first page of coloring in the book is this page and I did the last one with my kids to take home and add to their books. It is so fun to see the visual record of the student's growth throughout the year. Thanks for sharing.
    Regards from Alberta,

  2. This is great, thanks so much! Mind if I create a Similar Freebie with a Superhero theme?

    Mrs. DReading with Mrs. D