Journal Writing

 Daily journal writing is very important for developing writers. I have a fun journal for my students to write in every month.

I allow as much creativity as possible and always encourage inventive spelling, however, some of my students always need a visual. For that reason, I include a vocabulary page that can be incorporated into each journal. This is also helpful in giving my students ideas and motivation to write! 

 This fun little journal is perfect to get your kiddos writing through August! It comes with a cover page, vocabulary page, and several writing templates to choose from!

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I also have a journal cover page and vocabulary page for September through June! You can check it out in my TpT shop!

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~Miss Kindergarten~


  1. I am going over to TPT to buy this right now! I teach a K-2 multi-grade class and I love that I can use this with all of them! Thank you!

  2. Question about the binding... I love that you use the binding. I think it helps keep the kids organized and everything stays neat! Is this a long process? Once you purchase the tools is it expensive to do each month?

  3. April, the binding is really easy once you get used to how it works! It doesn't take long, you just "hole punch" the pages and then the machine helps you bind really easily! You can get the binding coils {is that what they're called!?} really cheap at Staples or any office store! It works SO much better than stapling the journals because they always fall apart :(

  4. Am I missing something, can't seem to find the pages on your facebook page for free? Thanks for your help.

  5. Is it possible to make this product editable? I would love to be able to choose what words were a part of the word bank each month. In Canada, our Thanksgiving is in October and our school doesn't celebrate Halloween--would be nice to be able to edit the product for our use.

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