STOP Getting Those 'No Name' Papers

With the beginning of the year here, it is time to establish new classroom routines and procedures! One procedure that I wanted my students to 'get down' right away is writing their name on their paper. I have cards on the board with the steps they are supposed to follow, I remind them to write their name a couple of times, and still....I get papers with no name! 
 On the second day of school, I showed my students our 'hand in' box and we went over highlighting our names before we put our work in. So far, so good!! There was a couple of times where a student went to hand in their paper, they grabbed a highlighter, and realized they hadn't written their name! 
To grab your freebie and read more about my first week of school, click here or on the picture above. 
Enjoy! and start catching those 'no name' papers! 


  1. I implemented this last year, and it has been a lifesaver! Not to mention a major time saver! Excellent idea - thanks!