Yuck Soup!

Here with another Halloween alternative that your kids will love!  Yuck Soup!  

Literacy based with a writing and math piece!  

So we start by reading Joy Crowley's book Yuck Soup!  It's a cute LITTLE story about some monster-y looking creatures who make some pretty yucky soup!  It's out of print but I bet if you looked around you could find one or they are fairly cheap online!  

Next we make our own Yuck Soup.  I have sent home these letters about a week before so everyone has something yummy to add to the Yuck Soup.  We take turns adding giving everyone a chance to pour in their part to the soup.  

I scoop the snack into paper cups for the kids or just put on paper towels for them.  While they munch we do our story!  I will go around and write the word for the kids usually, but you could put the words on the board and have them write.  I just find it's much easier for them to reread the story in the library if it is written in non-kindergarten writing!  While they are snacking and waiting for me to get to them, the students are coloring in the page and adding what they added to the soup to their picture!

I staple them all together, add a cover page, and the students now have another class book to read!  

We will also go in and graph what our soup has in it!  

Another non-Halloween alternative for your classroom during this fun time of year!  And it's free!  Click here to download!   (I have done this on Halloween for many years but now really enjoy doing our pumpkin book reports instead which is also a freebie!!) 

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