Meet Krissy {the Mrs. Miner in Monkey Business}

Hello!  It's me, Krissy, from Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business!  I am a long time kindergarten teacher turned looping to 1st teacher just this year.  I don't know if I love first grade or if its because I got to bring my favorite kinders with me to my new job, but, either way, life is great in firstie land!
I am honored to be a part of such a giving, caring group of teachers you will find here at Freebielicious.,,,Each and every teacher in this group is just as devoted to their profession as they are to helping make other teachers' jobs easy. 
Hmmm....not sure if there is much interesting about me, but there are these two little beings who define me and keep my world spinning every single day.  They are my sons who are in first and third grade.  You can see them below in one of our fall pictures.

Some things I like to do outside of teaching and blogging are bargain shopping, crafting and creating, and, of course, doing anything that makes little boys smile!  Who knew that I would end up loving Monster Truck shows and four wheeling as much as I do?
Since November is the month of giving, I thought I'd give you a simple freebie that you can use all year long.  I like to give my students choices on how they practice their weekly spelling words, so I've provided you with the packet of choices as well.  I hope you and your kiddos enjoy it as much as we have!  Be sure to check back every day for the next couple of weeks to meet all of the other authors and see what they have to give you!
Click the picture below to grab my freebie and, as always, I'd love for you to swing into my blog to see what the newest monkey business is!


  1. Those are a couple of cute boys!! Love learning more about you!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Thanks for sharing these fun spelling activities! I love that Monster Trucks are among bargain shopping & blogging! :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. Krissy you are so sweet. I'm so glad you are loving first grade. We are lucky to have you on FL. You're boys are cuties!!


  4. You have such handsome boys, Krissy! Thanks so much for the spelling activities! Love them!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter