The Polar Express FREEBIE

The Polar Express is such a fun story! I am sure that many little boys and girls have dreamed of meeting Santa Claus. So, how about switching places with the main character? We can use our imagination to see what we would do! Come on over for this fun and free writing activity that you can use on your last days of school :)


  1. That's annoying, I just got an email today for a freebie from Miss Kindergarten, and it was apparently posted yesterday for a one day only offer. Why do these emails always show up a day late?

    1. So sorry that you missed it!! Miss Kindergarten is pretty amazing for offering that for free. I'm not sure why those emails show up late. We don't send those out. It's done via another site. I always follow on blogger...I don't miss anything that way. Also, a good way to make sure you don't miss anything is follow your favorite blogs fan pages. Happy holidays to you! I'm sure you can find some other fabulous winter freebies on our blog. :-)

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