100 Days Freebie

I was so blessed to be able to guest blog for FL's 
Hadar from Miss Kindergarten this week.
I made a FUN 100th day freebie you HAVE to try for yourself...

Here is what you need to do.. seriously... this may change your life... 
or at least your computer center!

1. Go to Miss Kindergarten and watch my tutorial video
I will show you EXACTLY what this freebie is and how to use it.
Then you can grab it and try it.

It all starts there!

Mary from...


  1. LOVE the freebie! So creative and it has majorly helped my computer center! Thank you!!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

    1. I love hearing this. Wait until you put a new set up. They notice it right away. hehe

  2. Mary, thank you so much!! I appreciate the freebie (spent my limit for the month on TpT, so I'll have to grab the full set later). My children will be so excited and this teacher can sit back and relax as far as the computer center goes this week! ;o)