Restroom Review

How do you handle restroom breaks at your school?  I've always been jealous of teachers with restrooms in their classrooms because truth be told...I do NOT like restroom breaks.  They take up so much time from our day.  So, I decided to do something about it.  I put up a Restroom Review bulletin board in the hall outside of the restroom where we line up.
It's such a great way to have learning resources available to us while we review important classroom skills.
You can head on over to my blog to see some more pictures and to download the headings for free.


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  2. I love this & wished had more bulletin board space. I do have a restroom in my classroom but I share it with kindergarten. (eeek!) But this bulletin board would be so neat for any lining up we do. :D

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  3. We have a lot of individual assessing that has to go on for report cards, so I take that time to assess/give interventions, or like last week, I graded a stack of papers, folded and stuffed report cards, etc. It's time that I use for a variety of purposes. Usually assessments and interventions though!