The Mitten Sequencing & Story Board

This freebie is actually an oldie, but goodie of mine that has been downloaded over 20,000 times!

I went ahead and re-vamped it with some new clip art, new fonts, and even added a worksheet in! So if you've downloaded this freebie from me once before you'll want to grab it again to get the new stuff!

{Click the cover photo to download}
You can also grab this freebie storyboard for The Mitten! I love using storyboards to engaged my students during read alouds. Work with students with autism, they thrive off the visual support and it helps to keep their attention if they have something they can follow along with.

To grab this freebie you have to be a facebook fan!

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** If an error message pops up while downloading the facebook fan freebie, simply exit out of the error message and download the file to your computer and then open it! **

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