Keeping Phonics Fun!

Every week we have been adding a new "special sound" to our phonics repertoire. I assume that most "language" curriculums are similar and they 'bombard' our first graders with a TON of rules and expectations for them to master in 5 short days. Then, we are suddenly on to the next rule, concept, and phonics sound. While many of our students will grasp these concepts, not all of them do... Right? 

To help my students, I try to make these new sounds fun, exciting and meaningful. Last week we were working on "ow" and "oa" words.

  I thought that "blowing a bubble" would stick in my students' minds well and to start the week, my students had to guess what our rule was by hunting through my tupperware container. As you can assume, they were happy to oblige. The took out each card and carefully read each word and then in partners discussed what they thought the new sounds were. 

 This week we are learning that ar says /ar./ The "barn" is helping us with this sound! 

Through the help of poems, games and centers I try to make our new phonics sounds fun, engaging and hands-on.
Swing by my blog to pick up word cards that are perfect for word work, word sorts and centers! The cards are for r-controlled vowel words and oa/ow words! There are even recording pages in the freebie! 

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