Space Activities And Freebies!

Hello Everyone, This is Kristen from A Day In First Grade. Last week my class blasted off into space and could not be more excited. To make my space unit come to life, we completed a bunch of science activities. 
 For a writing activity, we taste tested space food and came up with fantastic adjectives to describe the way that it looked, smelled, and tasted. 

My first graders LOVED this activity! 
Throughout the activity, they filled out a recording sheet with their very best adjectives. 
 After we taste tested three different types of space food, we graphed which one we liked best! 
To get free recording pages to go along with this activity, two free readers about the moon AND two ideas for science activities that you can use while studying the moon, head on over to my blog! 

Simply click on the button below to read more about these activities and to get your freebies! 

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