Valentine's Day Party Letter

So you have probably all already sent home your Valentine's Letters but I threw this together and wanted to share for those who need it!  Well and pin it for next year just in case!  =)

You have two choices to use and both are editable! 

Also be sure to read how to have a Stress Free Valentines Class Party!


  1. Are these still available for free download? They are so cute and would be perfect for my first grade parents!- Kristin Straight

  2. Would love to have this if still available. It is an adorable letter and graphics. Will this be available again soon? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! I just found it last night, and it's still available - it's just been moved, I think! Click on the picture as if you're going to download it, and when you see the Error 404 thing, look at the top for "V Day Letter". Click on that and it should be there!

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