Fund Your Classroom Projects With a Little Help from Freebielicious

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our friends in Education! At Freebielicious, we love teachers and appreciate all that you give of yourself inside AND outside of the classroom and we want to help you fund some of your special classroom projects!

Today we come to you with information about potential funding sources to help our all teachers in the US and Canada; no matter if you teach in a public, private, or charter school. All teachers deserve to have their classroom projects funded and we are here to help! 

The best-known funding source for teachers to receive private funds is DonorsChoose. If you are not already familiar with DonorsChoose, here's how it works: Public school teachers in the US post classroom project requests on the site and individuals can make tax-deductible contributions to DonorsChoose in support of any listed project. When a project reaches its funding goal, DonorsChoose ships the materials to the school. Donors receive photos of the project in action, a letter from the teacher and information on how the contribution was spent. 

Our own Freebie gal, Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter, has blogged about her success with DonorsChoose. If you are a public school teacher in the US and need money for a classroom project, set up a project on DonorsChoose and tell us about it!

If you teach in a private school or are just looking for alternative funding sources in the US, consider creating a wish list on ClassWish. With a broader base of schools and classrooms to serve; ClassWish is available for all accredited 501(c)(3) or public K-12,private, parochial, magnet, and charter schools in the United States. Teachers, schools and PTOs create online wish lists of materials they desire for school/classroom use. Teachers on the site need to monitor their project contributions and log in to request shipment of funded supplies. Unlike DonorsChoose, ClassWish does not require teachers to explain how they would use requested materials. Teachers simply create an online wish list and promote the list to gain funding. 

For our Canadian friends, we are happy to share an onine funding source with all of you! MyClassNeeds is very similar to the popular US sit, DonorsChoose. MyClassNeeds is open to Canadians working in publicly-funded schools. Like DonorsChoose, teachers can submit a funding proposal. The proposal must describe how the classroom project will benefit student’s learning and identify the resources required to achieve the outcome. The types of projects and resources requested can vary in scope and size (it could be science equipment, art supplies, a trip to a science exhibit, or any other resource that enriches the learning of students). 

One of our newest Freebie girls, Alessia from Mrs. Albanese's Class successfully funded a guided reading table for her classroom using MyClassNeeds

We Want to Help YOU Fund Your Project

At Freebielicious, we appreciate all educators and the talents you share with your students day in, and day out. We want to help your reach your goal of a fully-funded classroom project (or wish list). Whether you use DonorsChoose, ClassWish, MyClassNeeds or any other online funding source to raise money for classroom projects, share your story and goals with us. Leave a link to your online wish list or project. Feel free to add an email address or story about why the project is important to you and let us help you spread the word about your project. 

Support Teachers in Need

Need a great tax write off? Help teachers across the US and Canada fund their special projects for the classroom. Read through any of the comments below to find links to worthwhile classroom causes. Follow any of the links to make a contribution. You will be helping classroom teachers create the best learning environment possible for educating their students!


  1. I would truly appreciate any donations to my project Wow: Word Work! on Donors Choose...especially since time is running out! If you are interested in reading over it, head on over: We all know kids love novelty and hands-on experiences. I want to provide my kinders with new word work materials. Thanks Freebielicious!
    Polka Dot Kinders


    Our school is a Title 1 charter located in a Los Angeles suburb. We have 94% on free or reduced lunch.

    My young students will be able to take their learning from the page or a video to an item that can be touched and manipulated. These young students will be able to ANALYZE what happens when plants are part of a controlled experiment. Imagine their faces when they FEEL the push and pull of magnets. Oh my goodness - I can't wait to see the excitement that builds when they find out they will be able to touch and see actual fossils and use magnifiers to COMPARE details in the fossils.

    I will be thrilled to listen to the kids PREDICT how a chicken forms. I can't wait to show them the life cycle of a chicken and watch these suburban kids learn about what it happening run beneath the shell!

    This project will bring science to life for my students. They will gain insight into the world around them and the learning they experience through the hands-on modalities will stay with them always. Perhaps the next scientific genius is lurking in my classroom right now! Help build some good scientific understanding in these little learners!

    Dixon's Darling Dolphins

  3. Hi Maria! I love this post. As a first-year teacher, I was introduced to Donor's Choose through Caring Classrooms (a Donors Choose giving community on Facebook) and my classroom has been blessed to have a few projects funded this year. It amazes me that people and businesses all around the world support classrooms 'just because'. It's awesome!

    A few weeks ago I found out I'll be teaching reading and science next year (eeek!). My school is 'curriculum-free' and making a STEM shift, so I am in need of hands-on resources. My current project "Engineering the Future" requests three kits from Lakeshore Learning that provide the materials and opportunities for my students to solve problems as engineers!

    So, excited to see that Freebie-licious is spreading the word about Donors Choose and other online giving communities! :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. I would love to have help getting my project funded!

    I'm trying to get a small group set of iPads for my kindergarten class. We only have 1 computer in our classroom so having these would give more students the chance to use technology to work on literacy & math skills.

  5. I would LOVE some help getting the rest of my project funded. So far I've managed to raise about half through parents, friends and DC donors but it's at a standstill. My kids need listening center materials as we have no computers or a working CD player in our room. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our projects!


    Our school is a Title 1 public school in the rural part of our district. The students in the CD program are at risk students and come from families that are not able to provide the additional learning resources for their child. Throughout the day, we work in whole groups and small groups to accomplish our goals. During the small group time, the students are usually working with my assistant or myself. The other students learn how to work independently and need fun, engaging, and educational at the same time. Looking for letters and numbers in the sand, number maze, and shape match up will build upon the skills we have taught and they need. The literacy activities will help them to practice the skill introduce and help them to have more hands on time working on these skills.

    The skills that will be reinforced through this project will not only help my students in CD but also will help them prepare for Kindergarten. This project will add more engaging, hands-on, and educational tools for the students. They will be really excited when the new tools arrive and they get to use them. "Learning with Our...Little Hands" will help get these students excited and more eager to learn.

    Thank you,

  7. I would love to get a little help for my current project on donors choose!!!...My students are ages five and six. However, my students can enter kindergarten as long as they turn five by October 2nd. Many of my students are four-years-old when they enter my classroom. I also have many students who are learning English as a second language. Due to their young age and students who are still learning English, my students need more variety to help master important concepts. They love school and are very eager to learn! The school they attend is in a high poverty area and most have little or no resources at home to help.

    By having Boogie Boards, students can develop essential fine motor skills that are so important when it comes to writing. So many children in my class need help with developing the muscles in their hand in order to hold a pencil and write! Boogie Boards will help my students develop fine motor skills and build a love for writing! Young students need variety when it comes to mastering key concepts in Kindergarten. Boogie Boards will help my students develop their writing skills in such a fun way! Here is the link to my project!!

    I would love any help to get my project funded. I am asking for Boogie Boards for writing during independent centers. Students will able to access these boards to practice writing skills. I want my students to enjoy writing around the room and this is another tool to access writing in the classroom. There is no wasted paper and there is a lot of fun walking around with the boogie board and writing. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Beth Horstmann

  9. I have a project on donors choose right now. My kindergarten classes have worked for the past 3 years to get enough iPads to use a 1-1 program. We have finally achieved this goal but now we need a way to store them. Next year my district is requiring kindergarten teachers to share rooms again since the district has run out of space otherwise. We need a organized way to store and charge our iPads since we will have two teachers sharing a room for 2 classes worth of kindergartners. We are raising money for an iPad cart to help us store our iPads. Please consider donating to my project "iPad storage oh my" at

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    I am a Kindergarten teacher of 13 years. I am asking for a few new materials to help my students build words and to learn their sight words. Learning to make/ build more words will help them in reading and writing. Any help with getting this project funded would be appreciated. :) Thank you, Alicia McClure (

  12. Wow I appreciate this opportunity so much! Especially during teacher appreciation week, of which my students' families are not aware of, so I can get a but down in the dumps reading pinterest and all the cute teacher appreciation gifts I won't receive. I am spreading joy and making my own Pinspired gifts for my colleagues though :)

    I teach 4 year old kindergarten to 26 darlings all of whom live in severe poverty in urban WI. My classroom needs some math basics- UNifix cubes! among other math counters and a STEM kit. Project is half off thanks to LAkeshore-whohoo!

  13. I LOVE Donor's Choose and use it all the time for great resources for our classroom. My current project that need funding is for a printer for our classroom so students can print all the great resources they create on the computers and iPads! Thanks for writing this post and creating an outlet for us build awareness about funding for schools!

    What I Have Learned

  14. I love ALL the sites you have mentioned. We currently have up a project at that we are hoping to get funded before the end of the school year. We are in need of books that the children can take home that are in their "just right" levels. Thanks for this post! Now I can go support other teachers, too!!! A little bit goes a long way. Even just sharing the sites! Thanks again!

  15. I'd love help funding my project in I'm a kindergarten teacher and I'm trying to fund my first project. I'm asking for 5 iPod nanos to put in my listening center. My Kinders LOVE listening to books and iPods would make it easier for them. Thank you for your help!!!

  16. This is such a wonderful idea. I currently have a DonorChoose project; Let's Play. This project would fund more play activities for our kindergarten and first graders to use during their recess time. You can read more here;

  17. Great idea! I have had a lot of success with DonorsChoose! My latest project is asking for funds to purchase Big Books for my 1st grade class. I work at a charter school and there is never enough funding!

  18. I absolutely LOVE Donorschoose! I have been very successful with this site. The project I have up now is for leveled readers for my Kindergarten students. I wrote this proposal because I needed more level a and level b books for my students to read, especially at the beginning of the year. Here is my project link:

    Thanks for any help with getting it funded!
    Kelly Brown

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I need a new big book storage solution and dry erase board. My current big book holder is falling apart and bending the books.

    1. Use the code INSPIRE by June 12th and Donors choose will double the amount up to $100

  21. I have an Donor's Choose project up right now. I'm trying to get some alphabet learning activities for my kindergarten class. Students come in expected to ALREADY know their alphabet on the 1st day of kindergarten (so our district says). Therefore, it's up to me to get my class knowing their ABC's extremely quickly. It's a pretty cheap project compared to many projects out there- $239. I'm hoping that because of this, it will get funded before the first day of school on August 13th. Thanks for the chance to share! :)

  22. To love what it is you do, is to never work a day in your life and I can honestly say that speaks volumes to me, as I am in my third year teaching Kindergarten in Bakersfield and living my dream! I hope you will find time to read about my students and my class. The cards given to them, away from school, were not dealt in their favor, but their abilities to learn and grow are endless and abundant.

    Please help me by making a donation and/or getting the word out about my current project; my hope and my purpose is for a better tomorrow, and a brighter future! Make a donation today using code INSPIRE and will match your amount dollar for dollar!

    Thank you,
    Jolie Brouttier

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