Daily 5 Chapter 7 and a Freebie!

You’ve been building stamina and laying the foundation for all of the Daily 5 components.  It’s time for take off.  It’s time to ‘launch’ Daily 5.

It can be a daunting task to come up with a variety of different Word Work activities that your students can do independently, so I decided to whip one up for you.  A write the room activity is always a favorite of students, because it gives them a chance to move.  This one is differentiated so that you can be sure that, not only will they be moving, but they will be engaged and challenged at their own readiness level as well.

Head on over to my blog and see how I launch my Daily 5 and pick up your Write the Room freebie.

Just click on the picture or my button to get there.


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  1. Thanks, Marsha! I'm organizing all my 'Round the Room centers and this is a nice beginning of school set for them to learn the routine with. Love the variety of sheets to go with the cards, too. I'll be able to leave the cards up for several days.
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