Learning about Shapes! {free shape poems}

Throughout the first week of school, our focus during math is introducing 2D shapes. I made some fun posters to help my students remember the names and properties of each shape {and they referred to them all year long!}
Shape Poems
  {clip art from Love Two Teach
borders from Teaching in a Small Town}
My class absolutely loved these! We learned each poem and talked about the characteristic of each shape. We even learned that Sandy Square has a booooyfriend ;)
Shape Poems
{Download the shape poems here and ignore the fact that I clearly need more ink ;) I copied 2 to a page so that they printed out smaller than a regular sheet of paper.} 
After we learned about each shape, I hung the posters up in our classroom for future reference.
We also played this super fun shape game!
After we met our new friends and talked all about the shapes, we sat in a big circle {applying what we learned about circles!}. Then I walked around with a bunch of shapes in a bag and had each student pull out one shape. They told their neighbor what shape they pulled out {to practice identifying and to help their neighbor if they weren't sure} and then we played the Shape Game!
Shape Game
After everyone had a chance to stand up, we switched our shapes and played again. It was a lot of fun :)
To see what else we did during the first week of school, visit my blog, Miss Kindergarten!


  1. Love it! I can't wait to play the fun shape game. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adorable, Hadar! I will even use these with my firsties as a review, but I might do it as a mystery- just read the poem without the shape name....they will love it! Thanks for the freebie!

    :) Stephanie from First Grade Bangs

  3. LoVe these, Hadar! I plan to use them with my TKs & Ks and I'll make a set for my sub folder too. What a great activity to leave for a sub :) Thank you!

  4. Fun! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Thank you for these posters. They are super cute and so is the shape song.

  6. Ahhhh!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! These are so adorable!!!

  7. I really need to create one for an octagon! Love these!!!

  8. My kids love these. We have been saying them and then we practice saying them as we drew them on our white board. Thank you!

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