Top Secret Gluing Techniques Freebie

Do you have a love/hate relationship with white drip glue and kiddos?
I know I do! I love it because it is CHEAP and LASTS way longer than glue sticks and the kids can't lose covers OR forget to put the covers on for that matter. 
But, we all hate it simply because kids don't know how to use it...and teaching them has always been so difficult that I used to just give up and go with the easy to use, easy to waster, EXPENSIVE glue about you? 
I thought there MUST be a better way to do this. There must be a way to get these kiddos familiar with this white, sticky stuff and to get them to use it effectively....
I wrote an "original" song that can easily be sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" and created sheets that students actually practice the new terms they learn: dabbing, globs that take forever to dry, making frames, and dots in the corners!
It has made a world of difference in my classroom and I hope it can end this gluing nightmare in yours.  Even if you are one of the more than 40,000 teachers who have already downloaded this FREE product, please feel free to grab it again since I have made it more kid-friendly and (for our sakes only) prettier!
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  1. Thank you for posting this! I love liquid glue in the classroom. It is one of the first thing I teach my first graders to use. We use the "dot, dot, not a lot" saying same as I was taught in first grade. I like your songs and the different methods of gluing. I know I'll be downloading this.