Classroom Rules Book

Hey everyone!  It's Kristin!

I am heading back to school in just one day.  ONE DAY.  Except, truthfully, I've been at school on my own time off and on all summer, and I'm talking about the fact that I am required to be there in just one day.  The kids come this Monday and I can't even believe it.  But I know in just a matter of time, I'm going to say something like I can't believe it's Halloween or I can't believe it's Christmas, or How is it Valentine's Day already?  Time just flies when you're having a great time living life.

SO!  In preparation for my new class of kiddos, I've created a little Rules book that we are going to be filling out together for the first couple of days.  We will review it all week and maybe even for two weeks!

I have a couple of versions for you and it's FREE over on my blog.  I hope you can use it!

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