Naked Mole Rats??!! REALLY? Yup and the Kids Love Him!

If you teach at the primary level you have for certain introduced your students to Mo Willems very creative line of pigeon books and probably even the piggy and elephant series.  But, what about the Naked Mole Rat? Have you given him a spot in your library?
Every student (well that I have encountered) can't contain themselves when you mention underwear, let alone if someone(thing) is NAKED!  Well, Wilbur is, as are ALL naked mole rats, but he doesn't want to be.  Your students will be holding their bellies, laughing out loud uncontrollably (as will you) as you enjoy this book together.
When you are finished, you are surely going to want some follow up activities, so swing on into Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business to grab a freebie (or 2!) to help you foster your students' excitement of this new read!

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