Reading Fluency Practice

My students are learning how to blend words and starting to read like champs! We are working a lot on word families and finding chunks in words to help us read. I created these fun fluency family mats as a fun way to help my kids read fluently.
We used the large foam dice I found at the Dollar Tree because large dice makes any game fun ;) I introduced this game during guided reading groups. My students took turns rolling the dice, finding the matching number on the paper, and touching each word as they read it. Some of these students, who knew 0 letters and 0 sounds at the beginning of kindergarten were reading like champs!! #happyteacher 

Here's a short video of one of my students demonstrating how to play the game. Since we are just working on the "at" family words, we only used this mat. As we learn more word families, we will use more!
You can try out the at family fluency in your classroom too! Grab the free download {here} in my store!


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