Wreath Ornament - Easy Peasy Parent Gift!

Hi Peeps!
I'm Traci from Dragonflies in First and the newest author for Freebielicious! 

I wanted to share my easy-peasy parent gifts with you. I've been making them for years because they are simple and always turn out perfect.
I use gloves for this part because I am a klutz and tend to get food coloring on my hands EVERY time.
After they dry they even look better! They look like they are really made from some sort of evergreen material. The wreaths are super easy to make, but look like they took a ton of time. Once they've dried, we wrap them up in tissue paper and place them in a paper bag made to look like Rudolf along with our Poinsettia and letter to our parents.

If you've been searching for something new to do for parent gifts, I hope this spurred a little inspiration!

I'm super happy to be hanging out with my friends here at Freebielicious and look forward to sharing more freebies and ideas with you! Stop by and visit me over at Dragonflies in First!


  1. Okay, you sold me on it! I bought 2 boxes of shredded wheat, lots of red beads, food coloring, and I will order a gallon of glue from school--I should have picked up glue at the Bacl to School sales because it is too much right now. Question, how much shredded wheat does it take for one ornament? Will 2 boxes (large) be enough??

  2. It's one of those prepackaged "biscuits" in the shredded wheat box per student. The large "biscuits". I think they come 18 to a box.

    1. Yep 18 per box. Made a sample and I did not heed your "gloves" warning (I didn't have any and thought I'd be careful). I now have green fingers LOL Too cute! Thanks for the idea!