Guided Math Freebie!

Hello! Kristen here from A Day In First Grade!  Since I was stuck in my house for two days due to the MASSIVE blizzard, I was able to prep all of my February math centers for my kindergarteners and plan my guided math groups for the next three weeks. On my Facebook page, I had asked y’all what you wanted me to blog about and guided math was one of the topics. On my blog, I wrote all about how I schedule and plan my math block. To be honest, the key to success in my math block is the schedule that I use. All of our math lessons hinge on a simple teaching model that I love: I do, we do, you do.  During our math time I use this model to set up my schedule. “I do” is the first and shortest time {whole group teaching}, “we do” and “you do” take up the majority of our time.

I believe that students need to experience math to truly get it. In order to help my students develop number sense and a solid foundation with their math skills, I make sure that our activities include hands-on materials, interactive lessons, and centers where students can explore and manipulate what they are learning. All of the centers that I create are made with intentionality and are exactly what my students need to work on each month. I base each center off of my curriculum’s scope and sequence and pacing guide along with the common core standards that students need to master by the end of the year. I try to keep some of the games similar while adding in a few new ones each month to keep things fresh and fun. I use the centers not only as my students “you do” activities but also as the basis of our "we do" guided math lessons. In doing this, it only requires me to prep the month’s centers and then my math planning is practically finished for the month!
To help me plan for my Guided Math Lessons, I use this format. If you would like to grab it and read more about how I structure and plan for my math block, Head over to my blog!{Click Here!}

I hope you are staying warm!