Writing Freebie!

Greetings friends! I created this 5 Star Writing page for my students as a self accountability piece. Each morning after completing our morning work, my students write a story on the back of their paper.  I've shared a few examples below. J We usually take one minute to vote on the topic (camping, fishing, storms, etc. ) and I write six vocabulary words on the board to help them with spelling.  The remainder of their writing must be word wall words or words they sound out on their own.  Before turning in their work, I have them check their mini chart to make sure they have completed all stars  of their writing.  This has provided a great visual for this quick writing activity.  During Writer’s Workshop, students get to choose what they write about.  Morning work is teacher directed.  They use the chart for both times. J I have a larger poster on the front board and keep the smaller charts on our supply bench so students can access them at any time. I hope you love this as much as I do! J Click the pictures to take you to the free download. :)

<>< Crystal


  1. My brain is on vacation, what does the B, M, E stand for?☺️

  2. Wonderful!
    It is strange that kids in all English speaking countries spell in the same way at this stage, no matter what the dialect/accent differences.
    Having been retired from teaching for some time now, I really enjoyed this post. Please thank your students for allowing us to see their work.

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