Color Sorting Pumpkins!

Erin here from Creating and Teaching. I wanted to stop by and share with the Freebielicious followers a pumpkin sorting freebie available in my TpT store.

I just pulled this activity out this week to add to my October Themed Task boxes. I put 3 color cards in a box and students have to sort the pumpkins by their color. Or I can use this with the students I'm working on colors with and complete a 1:1 assessment to see if they were able to sort the pumpkins independently or with prompting.

Click on the link above, or click {here} to head to my TpT store to grab this freebie!


  1. I love these - I downloaded them last year and use them all month long. I'm a speech pathologist and I give one sheet to each student and we throw all the different color pumpkins into a bucket. After the student has a turn, they get to pick out a pumpkin (without looking). First person to fill up their sheet gets a bonus sticker from me! My Prek-5th graders LOVE it!!

    1. Jennifer I just love that idea! Thanks for sharing it!