Print-N-Go Math Stations

Happy New Year friends! 2016! Sixteen?! Do you remember 1999 and all of the hullabaloo about it turning 2000? LOL! Think how far we have come and how far technology has come since then! I would like to say that this is a really smart lead in to my post...not so much! Just chattin' with ya...and showing my age (Oyy)

If I had one word to describe my goals for 2016 it would SIMPLIFY! My life (teaching and home) can be crazy hectic...because of me!!! I totally do it to myself. I need to Let it Go (cue Elsa now)! I like the cuteness! Let's face it, who doesn't like the cuteness, right?! However, my sweet little Kinders never comment on the Math or Literacy stations that I spend hours on! Well, they might say, "This is fun!" or "Can we please play...." but they never say, "Geez Mrs. Lee the clip art, the colors, the way you cut out the simply perfect!" Not one time people! So, I am asking myself why do it? WHY?!

I want to make a complete new line of products that are Print-N-Go! That's it! Print. And. Go. BAM! I am starting with Math Stations. First up, is my Race to 20, Race to 50, and Race to 100 games! These are on sale right now in my store! Make sure you read the product description. I have created a fun little FREEBIE to go with these games. It too is Print-N-Go!  You can head over to my blog and read more about it!

These are so easy to teach and easy to use (simplify people!) They are black and color ink! They don't need to be laminated! EASY!

I also wanted to give my more advanced students a little bit of a challenge. That's where your FREEBIE comes in! I created a cute Winter spinner to use with this.

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