Scott Foresman Kindergarten Math Journal

Do you use Scott Foresman Math?! I created a Math Journal that aligns with this program. The first FREE journal that I am sharing with you is Chapter 7 (Time and Money). There is one journal page for each lesson 7-1 through 7-16. I also created a journal cover. You can put together and staple for your students, or you can copy the journal pages and just give them out each day. It is up to you! Whichever works best! 

The journal prompts are very easy and they don't take very long at all to complete. It has prompts that include: drawing and labeling pictures of things they do on certain days of the week, times of day, and has them draw coin combinations to 10 name just a few things! 

I have them do these BEFORE they had to math stations.
Download your FREE journal by clicking the cover page below!


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