Guided Reading Freebie!

The creators of Rhyme to Read and Miss Kindergarten are excited to announce that this highly effective reading program is now available in digital download format! 

Rhyme to Read is a great program designed to support beginning readers. This program emphasizes word family chunks which are color-coded to assist children in discriminating different word patterns. The only prerequisites are the recognition of letters and knowledge of letter-sound connections. Rhyme to Read enables children to feel confident as they enter the world of reading!
Rhyme to Read is comprised of 20 short vowel guided reading books that focus on specific word families and common sight words. It is a great, systematic way to teach beginning readers how to read using important chunks in words.

On the left-hand side of the book, students will pre-read the word family words that the will see in the story. The sight word they need to know is also highlighted in the top right corner so they can practice that as well. It is SO good for students to preview words before reading so that they are successful when reading the words in a sentence!

All the books come in both color and gray-scale so you can print what works for you! Here are 3 suggestions for how to assemble the books!

Are you interested in trying out Rhyme to Read? You're in luck!
You can try Book 1: Pat, the at family story for FREE by clicking on the image below!

Visit Miss Kindergarten's blog to see all the other activities included in the program!

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