Subtraction Splash!

I love this time of year as the weather warms up, the stores start to stock up for summer time, and my students are rocking out on their math skills!

I created this fun game to help introduce the concept of taking away in preparation for our subtraction unit!

Subtraction Splash!
I have my students start with 10 or 20 game pieces and place them on their mat. Then they choose a number card from the stack and take away that many pieces.

 If they pick a splash card, they have to put all of their game pieces back in the pile. They play until someone gets rid of all his/her game pieces.

They absolutely love this game and it really helps them understand the concept of "taking away".
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  1. Thanks for sharing! My class is working on subtraction so this will be perfect!

    Sunflower Inspirations

  2. This looks like a wonderful game!

  3. Great subtraction practice for my kids. Thanks

  4. Fabulous idea as usual! What a great concrete way to practice subtraction. And I'm sure my kiddos would love those pom pom balls! :)

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets