Early Learners' ABC Chart and Tracing Book for The Next Step

If you’ve been following along with our book study on The Next Step In Guided Reading  by Jan Richardson, you know that today we cover Chapter 3.  

Seeing as I get to co-host this week and there is so much great information,  I thought I'd put together a couple of freebies to get you started and that go right along with all the super ideas covered in this chapter.

So click on any of the pictures (I'm giving you a little preview of what I have for you ...) and head on over to pick up your goodies.



  1. Marsha, This is a terrific post- thanks for sharing this great information. Many of my students would fit into this category and, (the book and yourself), have shared some wonderful strategies that I certainly will want to try with my students. Thanks for the freebies and for taking the time to post about the book.
    Regards from Alberta,

  2. Hi! Are there questions for this chapter?

  3. Its really a great post..consuming the children free time in doing such wonderful thing is lovely idea..I like it!!