Word Wall FREEBIE and Ideas

Nearly every elementary classroom "has" a word wall nowadays. The question is... 
Do you "do" the word wall or simply "have" a word wall? There is a BIG difference between the two!

When I first started teaching it was accepted practice to "have" a word wall. We would get a new word wall word each week and place it on the word wall. Of course, there wasn't much else that went on with the word wall.

Oh, how times have changed!!! The word wall in my classroom has become a hub around which my classroom and my students' learning revolves. The word wall is not only a place we put those special sight words, but it is a foundational routine we enjoy each day.

I LOVE "doing" word wall in my classroom! I value the time we spend "doing" it every single day. I see my students' incredible growth and it's a time they really enjoy too......they love playing the word wall games!

Below is a "mini" word wall for those dealing with tight spaces -- to use in a writing center or behind your guided reading table, or at home with your own little one.... :) This set of alphabet header cards makes a perfect "mini" word wall!

Come on over to Kindergarten Lifestyle to grab this FREEBIE and hopefully you can learn a new word wall game or two to spice up your word wall routine this coming year as well!

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